• Justin Bruce poses with cheerleaders

    Justin Bruce poses with cheerleaders

  • Fans of all ages enjoyed the visit.

    Fans come in all ages.

  • Justin Bruce in Hallway

  • Smile Abound

  • The nursing staff watches

    The nursing staff watches

  • Cheerleader signs jersey

  • Posing with Manning

    Posing with Manning

  • Elway is not forgotten

    Elway is not forgotten

  • Talking with the cheerleaders

Denver Bronco Cheerleader Good Will

Client: Freelance Purpose: I was contacted by the father of an ALS patient, Justin Bruce, to document a "good will" visit by members of the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad to a local nursing home (Rowan Community).  The initial visit was prompted by a request from the senior Bruce to the Broncos organization asking for a personal visit for his son,…

Bangkok Protests

Client: Freelance / EXpat in Thailand Purpose: Document the election day protests being held throughout the downtown areas of Bangkok, Spring 2014 Duration: 3 days Location: Bangkok Thailand, SE Asia Election day was a day for continued protest in Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. Protesters opposing the current administration filled the streets rallying for a boycott of the election process.

Colorado – Legal Recreational Marijuana

Client: Freelance / Demotix Stringer Goal: Capture the first moments of legal marijuana sales in the state of Colorado. Duration: 1 day Location: Denver, CO USA   At 8:00 in the morning Jan 1st 2014, marijuana dispensaries in Denver Colorado began legally selling recreational pot. Don Andrews was the first in the state to make a purchase at the…

Rustic Colorado

Client: Book Author Goal: Capture images of Colorado’s old remains.  Places and things left over from Colorado’s historic past that still remain today hidden amongst the mountains. Duration: Several Years. Location: Colorado, USA

  • Sister of Training Monk

    Sister of Training Monk

    During the "Donation" parade to raise money for young boys entering the monk-hood, the family members follow their son in an ox drawn cart. Family members are "dressed to the nines" for the occasion.

  • Boys with Buddha

    Boys with Buddha

    Three boys work the tourists for money around the templates of Began. They offer services like getting water or sell post cards. Each boy goes to school during the year, but must make money during the summers to help the family buy food. The tall boy on the right wishes to become a Dentist someday. Began Mynamar.

  • Watching Buddha

    Watching Buddha

    Two kids watch the Buddha while their mother sleeps in the shade of the temple's interior. Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

  • Mandalay Boys in tuk tuk.

    Mandalay Boys in tuk tuk.

    A group of young boys hanging out in the back of a local “tuk tuk” style cart. They were very excited to see their images in the back of a camera.

  • Young Monk to be.

    Young Monk to be.

    This young boy (soon to become monk in training) rides a horse in front of his family as the “Donation” parade marches through the dusty allies of his village near Began.

  • Box Bath

    Box Bath

    Boy takes his bath in the streets of Yangon using a box full of water.

  • Curious Boy

    Curious Boy

    A boy sits in his mother's lap late a night, while his father cooks us up some food in his back yard cafe.

  • Haircut


    Young monks in Amerapura get their heads shaved by older monks.

  • Splashing Monks

    Splashing Monks

    Two young monks splash each other playfully while washing before the morning meal.

  • Boy Leans on Wall

    Boy Leans on Wall

    A young boy at the Sagaing temple leans against a wall.

  • Boy Driving Oxen

    Boy Driving Oxen

    This young boy drives his family oxen down the dusty roads of Began. He returns from delivery of the family's produce to the local market.

  • Bath Time

    Bath Time

    Local children in Bagan take their daily bath in the waters of a nearby river.

  • Sister hugs brother

    Sister hugs brother

    Familiar love in the busy markets of Yangon.

  • I see you

    I see you

    A young boy watches me taking photos through a fence within the temples of Mandaly.

  • Shy Young Monk

    Shy Young Monk

    This young monk was a little shy, but eventually warmed up to me and my camera.

Children of Myanmar

Client: Freelance Purpose: Provide compelling imagery of children in the country of Myanmar.  The imagery was to support and expand on the written article (authored by: Konokwan Suwanpakdee). Duration: 11 days Location: Myanmar (Burma), SE Asia