Client: Freelance

Purpose: I was contacted by the father of an ALS patient, Justin Bruce, to document a “good will” visit by members of the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad to a local nursing home (Rowan Community).  The initial visit was prompted by a request from the senior Bruce to the Broncos organization asking for a personal visit for his son, a die hard fan.

My initial goal was to document the one-on-one visit between the girls and Justin Bruce; however, as word spread throughout the nursing home, dozens of patients (hard core fans themselves) began to converge and soon the cheerleaders and myself were involved in an all day meet & greet.

Fans of all ages put on their Broncos fanfare and stood in line to get photos and autographs with the Cheerleaders.  It was an emotional and uplifting experience for staff, patients and the kind ladies from the Broncos squad.

Duration: 1 day

Location: Denver, CO USA